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  Samparc - Help a child.... build her future....

Cause: To empower the poor, needy children and disadvantaged community people to maximize their potential and help them become independent and self-reliant.

Profile: SAMPARC is the link between the child in need... and you. SAMPARC started in the year 1990 by Shri Amitkumar Banerjee and Mrs. Lata Pande with like minded friends and professionals with the view of working towards a new dimension with reference to its children's village activities for orphan and the destitute. It grew with a new concept that all children need to grow under community umbrella. Ultimately SAMPARC children's village concept has been accepted by Government of India and as a recognition, SAMPARC has been awarded the NATIONAL CHILD WELFARE AWARD by the Govt of India in 1997-98.

SAMPARC believes educational and cultural change in the mind of people and community can change the society for positive growth. Deprived and disadvantaged children should be considered as an important area to build better future. So it is necessary to invest for their growth and development of families and human resources is the ultimate aim of the program.

Activities: Below is a partial list of activities through which SAMPARC is trying to make a difference,

  • Running a Children’s Village: Children's village takes care of over 350orphan and the destitute children through 5 centres
  • Non formal Education & Balbhavan: Main aim of the program is to support those needy children who are unable to attend school and are not able to continue their education
  • Strengthening Community People: Vocational training center for rural school dropouts for developing technical education in the field of wireman, welding, plumbing, wooden toy making, tailoring and computer training
  • Health Awareness Program: Special reference to mother and child care, immunization, safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene and low cost toilets
  • Low Cost Housing Project: SAMPARC has started a low cost housing project with the help of Habitat For Humanity & Jimmy Carter Work project near Malavli Railway Station

Arpan's Participation:

  • Initial target is to provide steady stream of funds on monthly basis. Four families committing dollar a day totaling $120 per month. (Approx. Rs. 5,000 per month)
  • In the second phase adopt a center/s and/or children and provide ongoing support
  • Anand is, and will continue to be in touch with Amit Banerjee and finalize the details of the second phase
  • Encourage all the contributors of ARPAN to visit any facility in India. The trip can be planned in Advance from USA

For more details about Samparc and its planned projects, please Click here.

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