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  Helpers of the Handicapped

Purpose: To provide rehabilitation assistance for enabling persons with disabilities to attain and maintain their optimal physical, intellectual, psychological, economic, and social functional levels. Its vision is that persons with disabilities will be productive and self supportive citizens leading fuller lives with dignity.

Profile: Ms. Naseema Hurzuk was struck by paraplegia at the age of 16 years and has been confined to wheel chair for the last 42 years. She overcame her own trauma and along with her polio afflicted close friend, Mrs. Rajani (Karkare) Deshpande, and a few like minded people formed Helpers of the Handicapped in 1984. In the last 25 years, HOH has helped more than 17,000 people with education, medical aid, aids and appliances, vocational training and employment. It has created its own infrastructure like hostels, schools and vocational training center.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide medical aid to correct disabilities and supply appliances for improving mobility and functional capacity.
  • To provide educational aid for students with disabilities.
  • To provide training in farming and vocational activities and make them employable.
  • To provide personality development opportunities through sports, arts, cultural activities, excursions, etc. and make life fun for the disabled.
  • To create barrier-free infrastructures such as schools, hostels, rehabilitation centres, workshops etc., for persons with disabilities to enhance their performance.
  • To carry out any activity conducive to rehabilitation, development and welfare of persons with disabilities.

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