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Cause: Vocational Training and Social Transformation program for the underprivileged youth aged above 18 years. At the end of 70 days training, youth are guaranteed 100% on-campus jobs with reputed corporates - in just 70 days, a generation goes above poverty line, forever.

Introduction: Unnati was launched with the core objective of making the socially underprivileged & economically backward youth 'job-ready' and place them in jobs of the organized sector. The target youth, boys and girls, are those who may not have had formal education/not studied beyond 10th or 12th standard and have no inclination to study further. This program is implemented through a 70 day free vocational training. Unnati imparts rigorous training in chosen vocations along with Soft and Life skills, Values, Spoken English and Computers.

Unnati was started with 3 main objectives in mind:

• A student getting trained at Unnati must have a job in hand at the end
  of the training i.e. guaranteed placement and empowering the youth.
• Unnati is not just about training in vocational skills; it is about creating better   human beings and better citizens for this country.
• The Unnati student must be a change agent for the community from which
  he comes. He/she must be a role model and who is able to gain respect
  wherever he/she goes.

Every student admitted to Unnati, today, undergoes a 70 day program in a chosen vocation and trained in life skills, communication skills and moral value. By the end of the program, the youth is transformed by challenging his/her inhibitions and acquires confidence. A youth is positively transformed into a contributing member of the society and is instrumental in bringing his/her family above poverty line.

Details on the Program: Vocations are carefully chosen based on factors such as market requirements in the organized sector and job stability. Vocations offered mostly require less formal education and presently include Retail Sales, Security Services, BPO and Guest Care (Office and Hotel), Industrial Tailoring, Industrial Painting, Driving and Paramedics. Unnati also has tie ups with organizations for practical training such as with Maruti Auto Agency (for driving), Akzo Nobel (Industrial painting), Care Well (Guest care) to name a few.

Unnati follows a diligent process to select candidates for the vocational training. The candidate must be 18 years & above and from economically weaker sections of society. As proof, Unnati requires BPL ration card/ Tahsildar's certificate. If they are physically/mentally challenged or from an orphanage, Unnati accepts them without the income certificate. Unnati interviews the candidate on 5 aspects to check aptitude, attitude, family background, parent counseling and medical and then they are allotted specific vocations depending on their educational qualification, market requirements and fitment to vocation.

After the completion of the training, job is guaranteed through on-campus placement. The placement record till date has been 100% with minimum annual compensation ranging from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 100,000. This stupendous placement record is due to the quality of the training and the transformation which a trainee undergoes during this training. The training is very relevant to the market needs and the vocations are picked up based on the needs of the area. The brand equity of the organization and its training is quite high and companies visit Unnati campus to select candidates. Companies which have a strong brand and have presence across the country recruit candidates. The companies which recruited from the batch that passed out in June 2011 are: Titan Industries, Akshaya Patra, Carewell, Café Coffee Day, Bistro, Yum restaurants, Pinnacle, Akzenobel, Private Eye to name a few.

Testimonial: Harish, employed with TCS currently says, "The confidence that 12 years of school education couldn't provide, came to me in just 70 days at Unnati. I developed confidence and the society in the form of Unnati came together to better my life. The days of hardship for me and my mother are now bygone stories. I am now a neighborhood role model for the youth in our locality."

For more details about Unnanti, please Click here.
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